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Graphics Equipment Supply, Inc. provides a large selection of C.P. Bourg equipment.
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C.P. Bourg empowers their customers with the best flexible automated solutions that enable them to produce on-demand and personalized stitched booklets and perfect bound books.
For over fifty years, C.P. Bourg pioneered and promoted new technologies to adapt to the modernization of the printing world. Their success is based on their core company values: quality, innovation and efficiency.
The C.P. Bourg employees pride themselves in consistently delivering the highest value across all stages of production of our machines. They perform extensive analysis and research during the development stage, rigorous stress tests during the product validation stage and dedicated production testing throughout the manufacturing stage. Their Customer Service is friendly, attentive and efficient. Their Quality Management System is ISO 9001 certified. It is because they focus on quality that they maintain privileged relationships with companies such as HP INDIGO®, KODAK®, OCE/CANON®, and XEROX®.

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